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  1. Guys guys guys u can get the frogman bundle go to weapons then armour then smgs then go tonight raid and it’s there!!!!

  2. So it’s basically always random for everyone?
    Would buying other packs in the vault increase my chance to randomly get it in the store?


  3. July 2nd and still nothing?????? Anybody have any answers as to when he will be in item shop; maybe July 4th?

  4. My gamertag is ISINIX I game on the Xbox. I have been waiting 3 weeks for the MIL-SIM frogman UDT to rotate in my list again for purchase. I am ready to buy before the end of season 3.

      1. Hello, can you tell me when the UDT Mil-Sim bundle will be for sale again? I can’t locate it in the store, want it!

        1. It is simple to get any skin you want. You go to the weapon the bundle co.we with. Then you select the store icon next to it. After that you look for the bundle. Once you find it you can buy it.