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  1. i want to buy the beyond the pale bundle but it is not in the store on the game. how in the hell do i get it?

  2. yoo does any1 have this and is willing to gift me this bundle? if u do have this bundle and are willing to gift it to me pls contact me (my snap is ggghostman205) (my discord is GGGHO$TMAN#9633)

  3. Everyone shut up about seasons this is our Christian Minecraft server. (By the way Og Classic Ghost is way better. None of that Halloween mask Bulls*** and Mw2 rules who is the og now?)

    1. bet thats ur only skin U prolly one of em kids tha bought mw2 campaign remastered and you tryna flex that youve played mw2 lol I got the real OG Mw2 from 2009

      1. bro I have a poster from LAUNCH I got waiting in line for OG MW. These new school kids are going to ruin our games, look what happened to MW already. Brainlets going to pick up CW and make devs forget about maintaining MW