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        1. Feels like it’s never coming back at this rate, they should really mix them up more than only rotating 1 or 2 a day, throw a whole different line up every day, then all packs would show up more often

      1. armory bundles have more bundles available for purchase than those shown in the item shop. Some bundles show up on the armory bundle, not the actual itemshop. The bundles shown in the armory bundles can be purchased immediately from there. It is a common mistake since you would think that the featured vehicle skins could be purchased too.

        1. I know that you idiot. I was saying that the armory bundles are also in rotation. So sometimes they show the bundle associated with the vehicle skin when it’s in rotation that day. A couple days later that vehicle skin and pack rotates out.

  1. Yooo someone make this come out already I finally got enough to buy it lmaoo, I was disappointed cuz I had JUST missed it in the store cuz I’m BROKE So all I did was stare at it, dreaming of one day owning it.

          1. Yes I read your comment too late unfortunately (was during the night for me) but it will be back don’t worry👍

          1. Unfortunately we don’t know when specific skins are coming back. Beside checking this website and your in-game store there is no other way atm.

  2. You can find items in the store by going to the armory in game and viewing the weapons and they’ll tell you which bundle it’s with and you can buy it there.