Modern Warfare II Five-Day Free Access

For a limited time from December 15 through December 19, play Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II for FREE! The Free Access period features fan-favorite 6v6 modes and an all-new Third-Person mode on maps such as Shipment, Farm 18, and El Asilo!

Call your friends and family: the battle’s heating up in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II, and you’ll need every available Operator to secure victory.

Following the launch of Season 01 Reloaded on December 14, the Multiplayer Free Access period invites everyone to try a limited portion of the Multiplayer experience from December 15 through December 19 at 10 AM PT. Deploy to Farm 18, El Asilo, and the latest map courtesy of Season 01 Reloaded: Shipment. Compete in Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, and Kill Confirmed, including the Third-Person variants of each.

Ahoy! Get Your Sea Legs in a Brand-New Shipment

Prepare for a nautical Shipment experience as the classic Multiplayer map is moved from land to a cargo ship navigating treacherous international waters. Along with the map’s visual makeover, you’ll encounter a more grounded combat experience, as this iteration features fewer mantling and vantage points.

Pack your Drill Charges to blast enemy-occupied containers and toss down your Trophy System to neutralize incoming grenades. Most of all, stay on the move and don’t let up on the attack. Visit our in-depth Shipment Multiplayer guide, which details the map and offers tips and tactics for dominating on this reimagining of a fan-favorite classic.

Try the All-New Third-Person Mode

Get a fresh perspective in Modern Warfare® II’s new Third-Person Playlists. In this variant, the camera is set back over the shoulder of your Operator, giving a greater view of your overall surroundings and providing a unique play experience compared to the traditional first-person view. During the Free Access trial, players can drop into Third-Person versions of Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, and Kill Confirmed.

Core Maps: Farm 18, El Asilo 

Deploy to two of Modern Warfare II’s core launch maps with Farm 18 and El Asilo. These medium-sized maps challenge players with arenas that are each focused around a large central building — a hidden training facility in Farm 18 and an asylum in El Asilo. Use new maneuvers like the Ledge Hang to get the jump on unsuspecting enemies and get a feel for the brand-new Perk Package system that unlocks additional Perks throughout the match.

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Free Access begins on December 15 and ends on December 19 at 10 AM PT. An additional download is required to play. See your platform for details on file size.

Stay frosty.

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