1. Really was looking forward to getting either tracer red or green, but was too late. Are they coming back at some point? I heard some say it will, and others say it won’t

    1. Still available. Just go to blueprints and you’ll find it under the assault rifles. I just bought it like an hour ago.

  2. Started playing during season 3….all i want is the season 2 ghost battle pass skin 🙁 is there any way to get this retroactively?

  3. Does anyone know if the season 4 pass / pack will be free for the Playstation Plus members, as the battle pack for season 3 was offered in the membership ? Thank you.

  4. Seems like the store resets at around 1pm EST? I’m on west coast so it has reset at 10am the past couple days

  5. Why hasn’t the store updated in two or three days. I’ve had the same thing for at least two full days in a row, possibly three.

  6. How does the “just for you” section work cuz I’ve been waiting for 2 packs the sakura pack and the wasteland bundle but I just see everything else pop up every day and I’m starting to get frustrated waiting and waiting for 2 things

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