Call of Duty: How to Claim New Prime Gaming Loot – Circuit Board Bundle and Delicate & Deadly Bundle

New loot is available to claim for Prime Gaming subscribers. This month features the Circuit Board Bundle and the Delicate & Deadly Bundle. These bundles will be available to claim until February 23.

Mother Board Groza blueprint skin in Cold War and Warzone

If you have an Activision Account for Call of Duty and an Amazon Prime Account, here’s what you need to do to start receiving free in-game content:

How to Claim Prime Gaming Loot

To Claim Call of Duty Prime Gaming Loot:

  1. Navigate to the Call of Duty Offer Detail Page:

  2. Click “Claim Now” on the active content drop.

  3. Log in with your Prime-enabled account or sign up for Prime.

  4. Click “Continue” to begin the account-linking process.

  5. Click “Go to Activision” to be redirected to Activision’s account-linking page.

  6. Log in with your Activision account and authorize Prime Gaming to fulfill content.

  7. Click “Complete Claim.”

You should only have to complete these steps once. After linking accounts, just navigate to the Offer Detail Page and select “Claim Now” on your desired drop and it’ll be yours in-game.

For the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone claimed Bundles, they will automatically be granted to your account. Go to the Weapons, Operators, or Barracks tab to access the latest in-game content from this limited-time Prime Gaming offer.

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