tracer pack red bundle banner

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  1. Thinking of snagging this and pairing it with Domino’s new Revolutionary skin. Red hat red tracer let’s go

  2. why tf are u dumbasses asking them when skins are coming out and to bring skins you want out, are u retarded. They aren’t in control of the item shop, and they have nothing to do with call of duty, this website just showcases the store, fucking retards

    1. Yes and you can see what weapon is what. It says here, so no need to ask everytime.. goddamn children. Youth is truly wasted on the young.

      1. “Youth is truly wasted on the young”

        I get it, people asking to return bundles on this website is dumb, but is it really going so far that it’s the bane of the younger generation?

        “…bane of the younger generation”

      1. Can y’all please bring back the green tracers pack, snap dragon. It’s y favorite gun and I want to buy it please

    1. We unfortunately don’t know when skins are coming but keep an eye out of to see the store every day