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      1. Who anyone wants the pack i got you, only go to the renneti or m4a1 and serch on his blueprints and you were find this pack πŸ™‚

  1. I went out and put the money on my card to buy the freedom tracer bundle and when I got home turned on MW the bundle pack was gone smh, I bought points for nothing, how can I still get this bundle?

      1. the weapons in this bundle should appear in the blueprints tab when you select a weapon in your loadouts. For example, click on your primary weapon in one of your loadouts. This will bring up an organized list of all weapons in MW. hover over the AR class and hover over the m4a1. to the right of the icon should be two options (“blueprints” and “store”). select “blueprints” and you will bring up a list of every m4a1 blueprint you own. From there you can select the “1776” to equip the blueprint (including the tracers).

        1. Yes this is correct, we also just launched the Armory page which shows you which bundles you can buy from the weapon loadout page!

          1. Where can I find the 1776 now? It doesn’t show up as a pack or on the armory page. My son wants it.

        1. Oh wow you’re beat come back is β€œNo you are!” Seriously? No originality in your comeback. Go back to your hole πŸ•³

  2. I bought the pack but the body of the rifle isn’t gold and if I add camo it distorts the hand grips

  3. This was a no brainer, being the owner of all the other tracer packs, just alittle bummed out its another M4.. M13, Amax wouldve been pretty dope. Chicago_trail on ps4

  4. What does Trump have to do with anything yeah he came to South Dakota wasnt the reason behind it but whatever floats your thinking boat πŸ‘

    1. Chances are Tuesday or next week, it will possibly be available to get again in the shop like the green tracer pack, or find the gun related to the pack and you should be able to get the bundle from there

      1. “grrr Trump is the reason these bundles are so expensive. grrr I hate politics ’cause I don’t understand it”
        -Mr.Rage Quit