1. I bought this bundle on April because I like the blueprint design. I was surprised because it comes with pink tracers (I didn’t know they’re included in the bundle).

    I often use Casanova blueprint in Multiplayer and I’m enjoying it! I don’t use it Warzone because the enemy will trace my location.

    I LOVE THIS BUNDLE, I don’t regret buying it!

    1. Overpriced af though. I love the Notice Me II pack more because of the G36, it’s my favorite assault rifle. Has less stuff but still has a calling card and costs 1000 COD points less

    1. Still can’t get it. I was able to get the Anime Express pack by some miracle but I really want this too

      1. It’s finally available now man, I finally got it just now 😭💖. Go to your m4 in weapons and click on the store next to it and you’ll find it there.

    1. Yes I would like to buy it and this morning it was there and when I was going to buy it it was not there so when will comeback?

      1. Any idea if and when the Green Tracer Pack will make a return? I just started using the Ram 7 with my Sniper and would love this bundle.

  2. This gun is basically my go to gun because i love m16 i used it in basically every call of duty that had it and it was amazing could you please bring this gun back so that we can dominate once more in multi and battle royal ;D

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