Tracer Pack Anime Bundle Banner

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  1. That’s the purple anime one, not the standard anime one.

    Also, you could have just reloaded the game, if one of the weapons is available then the purchase clearly registered.

  2. Well I bought the bundle and Little comrade is nowhere to be selected I can find it in the armory obviously I’ve bought the whole fucking bundle I have equipped big comrade cannot choose a little comrade in any submachinegun slot in any load out Selection it’s bullshit it’s a fucking rip off

  3. I bought this bundle on April because I like the blueprint design. I was surprised because it comes with pink tracers (I didn’t know they’re included in the bundle).

    I often use Casanova blueprint in Multiplayer and I’m enjoying it! I don’t use it Warzone because the enemy will trace my location.

    I LOVE THIS BUNDLE, I don’t regret buying it!

    1. Overpriced af though. I love the Notice Me II pack more because of the G36, it’s my favorite assault rifle. Has less stuff but still has a calling card and costs 1000 COD points less

    1. Still can’t get it. I was able to get the Anime Express pack by some miracle but I really want this too

      1. It’s finally available now man, I finally got it just now 😭💖. Go to your m4 in weapons and click on the store next to it and you’ll find it there.

    1. Yes I would like to buy it and this morning it was there and when I was going to buy it it was not there so when will comeback?

      1. Any idea if and when the Green Tracer Pack will make a return? I just started using the Ram 7 with my Sniper and would love this bundle.

  4. This gun is basically my go to gun because i love m16 i used it in basically every call of duty that had it and it was amazing could you please bring this gun back so that we can dominate once more in multi and battle royal ;D

    1. hey i was just wondering, do u think u made any previous purchases that made it appear in the just for u page or was it just luck thanks!

  5. Can you please release this pack, I don’t understand, many players are asking for it. You guys want money or not ?

  6. It’s not listed on your front page but this pack seems to be live on my store – ps4 (Australia)

    1. It is probably in your “just for you” section which is different for each account or it took the place of a bundle you bought.

    1. Pleas take it again to the shop. There are many Anime Lover like me and would pay 10000 CP for this bundle.

    1. Please bring it back again i had trouble with paypal so i couldnt buy it..
      and now when i have it its gone

      1. I’ve been checking my store daily for over a month. It showed up in my store, put money on my account right when the store switched over and it was gone. I haven’t seen it since.

  7. Hello,
    my question would be, will the tracer pack: anime blueprints still be in the store? And if so for how long?

  8. Nooooooooo!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! I didnt saw its was back please make it come back again pleaseeeeeeee

  9. It was there this morning, I grinded out the Pass to get the last 100cp that I needed to buy it. Went to buy it and it was gone… pretty disgusted right now. It’s the only one I want too

  10. literally just got 1700 cod points and as i check to see if it’s still there to get 100 more it’s gone again.

    1. I bought 20 euro worth of cod points and logged back on later to buy em and they were gone 🙁

  11. if i get this tracer pack, can i create my personal loadout for a M4A1 and aplicate the pink skin and bullets?

    1. YES, you can. You use it as the base – start with it..then modify it the way you want…then save it again. I have the red tracer pack and do this with my scar all the time. 🙂

    2. Only if you select the blueprint and change the attachments in gunsmith. Cant just select the camo or tracers. Of you select the blueprint tho you should keep the tracers and skin.

  12. BTW if you added a section to the store, for skins you could choose for your starting pistol, or the starting weapons you could skin on the ground, I’d definitely spend entirely too much on that. so yea, please….

  13. so i just have to wait for it to rotate into my store again? I haven’t ever seen it. I’d spend money if you guys would let me buy the skins worth having. I really just want to know, is it still around and will eventually rotate in based on chance? or is it out of rotation and i’m not going to see it at all?

  14. I tried to buy the MW2 remastered pack and would not let me buy it, it just keeps installing MW2 campaign and not charging the price to my credit card and then when i press b it says purchasing but never purchases and it just loads the purchasing loading screen for so long its bullshit

  15. I wanted this but at the time didnt have the money when will this be released again so I can purchase it

  16. i am the “bring it back please!” dude from yesterday…and all i want to say is: bring it back please! and please bring MORE tracer Packs! 🙂

    1. You’re wrong the store did update every 24 hour for weeks. It has just been the past few days where we haven’t seen any updates.

  17. Can we make all these, everything available to purchase, in rotation or not, available online on the website to purchase? It would be easier than having to wait rotations, depending how often that happens, and allows all option to be seen at once? 🤔

  18. Why doesnt my store show the anime tracer bundle but other stores do? How can I make the purchase on my account without it showing?

    1. Check the frontpage to see the current item store, for most people the Tracer Pack Anime is currently not in the shop. You will have to wait till it rotates in again.

    1. We unfortunately don’t know when skins are coming back but keep an eye out on to see the store every day

  19. Im trying to decide between this one or the nikto bundle, but i dont know how long will it take for the anime pack to come back:(

    1. Hmmm yeah hard choice but if you like Nikto you should get it while it’s in the store. Then when the anime returns get that one then.

    1. Everyone has just a slightly different store depending on which bundles you bought/ didn’t buy. The anime bundle is pretty popular it rotates in quite often, so hopefully you will see it soon.

  20. If they keep making anime stuff for this game, I think I’ll keep buying lol, but man I want them to be a bit cheaper tho

    1. Haha yeah the anime bundles are really popular, I am afraid for your bank account there will be more in the future haha!

    1. Every bundle stays in the store for at least couple of days before rotating out, most of the bundles have come back but as the game gets older it may take longer for bundles to rotate back in.

    1. We unfortunately don’t know when skins are coming but keep an eye out of to see the store every day