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  1. im sad as shit right now it came back and begged my parents for money because im broke but right when they gave me the money it went away just why the fuck man

  2. I just checked may14 and they deleted the bundle you can’t find it in the cod website no more sadly

  3. i have every other kar98 blue print and this is the only one i dont have and its the only one i want ive been trying forever to buy it

  4. for everyone trying to buy this, you still can. however, you need to own modern warfare. if you open the store in the modern warfare tab instead of warzone, go to the kar98, and all the bundles are there.

    1. Yes this will be back, although we dont know when exactly keep checking codmwstore.com for the daily store to not miss it!

  5. Bring this baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!

  6. If I get this and put Damascus camo on them do I still get the kinda rainbow shiny parts or does the camo cover that

    1. Queda muy bien al combinar el Damasco con el tacticolor, el platino tambien queda excelente, yo tengo el tacticolor II, trae el Fusil de Precision HDR y la Ecopeta Origins 12.

  7. been another week, still neither tacticolor. I’m about to change my mind and just not buy it out of spite. I’ve been checking every day for over a month and neither tacticolor has come up. Fuck it, I’ll keep my money.

  8. Why the hell can’t we choose from all of the blueprints at once? I’ve been checking everyday for over a week for either tacticolor to come back to the shop. Do y’all just not want my money? I’m trying to give it you..

  9. This isn’t showing in the store for me to purchase. Any ideas why? My friend bought it yesterday but it was not showing in my store. I would love to be able to get it!

    1. Everyone has a little bit of a different store depending on which item you / he buys. The bundle will probably rotate in the store again, keep an eye out on our website.