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  1. I bought this and 200% do not regret it. I got it solely for the gold knife, but everything in this pack is gorgeous. If you’re on the fence about this, you need to get it.

  2. WTF ACTIVISION!! Don’t yall wanna get paid?? All of us want this pack and yall are bogart bogartin the shit like its actually a gun yall have to build us!!!p???? Damn, click the buttons and make it happen!!

  3. I have 20k plus points to spend, refusing to buy anything else until i see this bundle in my armory

    1. you legit will not regret it if you havent gotten it. It’s back in the store 12/06/2020 and it’s worth it to me

  4. They need to bring this back ASAP. Out of the 15+ packs I’ve purchased, I’m really excited about obtaining this one.

    1. Ive been waiting on this pack for 2 months now. I even purchased a bunch of packs hoping it would pop up..