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    1. I think you can reach the gun, to to the Uzi / Model 680 and go to the Store option, it brings up blueprints you can access without having it in the store.
      Good luck.

  1. I want a mara with a anime vest, and pink gear bro that anime pack id buy the second it comes out XD

    1. IW: We want modern warfare to be as realistic as possible *low hp, real veterans in the game, guns sound how they actually do irl, no wall running, real military arsenal for killstreaks*

      also IW: *rolls out the new update with anime operator to add on to the growing collection of anime-themed bundles, brick execution move, spray painting in the middle of a gunfight, an ANIME TRUCK*

      1. You realize your rant is invalid here. IW won’t see it here, this isn’t their site. Go cry on the IW forums or Activision’s where those complaints belong. This site is just to show what packs are out and what’s in them. If you’re unhappy with the current modern warfare. Don’t play it. I stopped playing COD when things became unrealistic and returned now that they are somewhat realistic

  2. could you bring back the cherry blossom?
    or a new anime pistol pack (renetti would be awesome with a burst mod and duel)

    1. There will be an MP7 pink tracer but it’s not out yet! The bundle is called “Tracer Pack: Anime Super”.

      I will get that bundle soon!!

      1. I’m imagining a huge Miku constume running around with a M4. Praying that I’ll live long enough to see that in online lobbies.

  3. A body pillow charm, multiple anime themed blueprints, an anime truck… am I the only one saving up with the expectations of an anime-style operator?

    1. I’m done with that store. this game often offers me in the “just for you” section the anime pack tracer but I don’t care about that stuff cause I’m looking for Domino skins and this game gives me only what I didn’t ask for.

    1. I think the store kinda tracks your purchase choices, I bought the anime cherry blossom akimbo pack, few days later Notice Me 2 showed up in “just for you” section. A day or two later the pink tracer pack popped up there, on my birthday too lol. If you see an anime pack you really like, it may increase the odds of pink tracers showing up. But personal budget first over virtual guns for sure. Obviously a bit scummy and effective monetization, but those might be our odds. Shame we don’t get a larger store selection. Tracers, Op skins, ect. But highlight and keep overpowered packs cycled through the Featured and Just for You sections.