3 January 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Item Store


Operators & IdentityMolten Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators & Identity Bundle

The Texan Call of Duty Modern warfare item bundle

Cloack and Dagger operators & identity call of duty modern warfare item bundle

Heavy Hitter Operators & Identity call of duty modern warfare item bundle


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  1. Hi, I’m abit mithed, I wanna buy nikto, and tracker pack red, but they won’t show up in my store, and I don’t want the season to end and they just cease to exist, is there any way (without buying everything) that you can change the store?

    1. Short answer no, but we are sure it will rotate again even when the season end. We aren’t 100% sure but the bundles shouldn’t be season exclusive 👍

  2. Hey there! Yes that is possible because depending if you bought some bundles, you will see different sets. We personally haven’t seen Viking Burial 1 yet but hope to add it to our site soon thanks for the heads up