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  1. honestly a good bundle if you want a solid m4 or rpk. i didnt have a maxed out rpk and this bundle helps with that rpk level up and unlocking via dmz.

  2. It happened to me today as well but enter the operator, customize then skins. You’re welcome brother loving Calisto

  3. The M4 is a beast for this one and the RPK is not bad at all. This one I say is worth the two weapons.

  4. trash skin. from the front it looks cool but from the back it looks like a default skin. at no point in the game (outside of the lobby screen) do you ever see the front of your character. the tactical human and dirty neon skins are better if you play 3rd person.

  5. I don’t like that the tracer effects are tied to a particular attachment or that if you swap out the attachments that come with the blueprint that you lose the tracer/dismemberment effect. I think as long as you’re using base blue-print (Heliotrope and Eminence in this case), you should be able to swap attachments and retain the tracer/dismemberment effects. This is how it’s been in past CODs. This limitation is something that makes me less likely to buy packs.

  6. Do these weapons have an ammo type for the tracers because if so, you can add it to other weapons with the same ammo type too