1. looks like they don’t plan on bringing it back and could care less what we say. I see no answers on here

      1. Taiga skin have an issue in Warzone so IW removed it from the store, I mean when you jump from the plane there is no smoke from your behind while everyone else have it. And don’t pay attention to my upper comment, I tested something

    1. They probably took it down because the Wendigo skin is glitched in Warzone (causes there not to be red smoke when you’re dropping in). When they fix that, it will probably be back up.

      1. Please I beg you someone get me a phone number I need to contact support. I won’t play the game no more if they don’t drop the skin again. I swear on god I ain’t lying. Please I give you one more day so this shit happens

      1. Pls bring back this pack. It’s so frustrating when I just got the money to buy and then it goes away.

  1. please put the wendigo pack back up for purchase. it would be much appreciated by ur fans and customers

  2. Where can I buy it? It doesn’t appear in the store. But it’s available on the account of another friend. When it will available in my account wtf?

  3. We just went to the store to get a gift card, came back and now its gone! Are you effin serious?!!!!

  4. really overrated bundle. both weapons will never be in the meta so you are forced to use non meta weapons because you paid 2400 points for a pack that has special tracers. Skin itself is pretty average as well.

    1. Your crazy bro!! Just gotta know how yo use them, and there isn’t any tracer its got Cryo Dismemberment! Def worth it!

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