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  1. i have this and love it, no scopes / sights though but vary accurate even at a distance, if you have unlocked any you can alway put them on.

  2. Guys I really want to buy this pack, but it hasn’t popped up in the store. Could someone try to convince activision to put in on the store?

  3. First I really love the game and the information and tracking stats but I have an Activision friend spent 2400 CoD coin to gift me a bundle but I haven’t got anything saying he bought me a bundle and we are NOT HAPPY he spent $20 that went through maybe I’m don’t know how to claim the wendigo bundle

    1. You realize that this is the wrong place to report your problem right? This isn’t an official COD website. No one here can help you.

    2. Don’t listen to the other guy. Some people like giving useless information. As of now, it is not possible to gift bundles to friends, you can only do that with the battlepass. My best guess is that your friend still has the 2400 CoD points or accidentally bought it for himself, that is, unless he used a fake third-party website and got scammed. You aren’t able to redeem the bundle because that option doesn’t exist yet, so there’s nothing you can do about it as of now. I hate to admit it, but if you’re sure that the $20 disappeared entirely, you might want to call activision support. They tend to be helpful now and then with these kinds of issues.

      1. Wrong mate. The COD app has an option to gift bundles to other people as long as they both have an Activision ID.

    1. I’m asking to! I saw it on there two days ago, put the money on there today and it was gone. Not in armory neither. Please bring this pack back.

      1. Oh I thought you said “is it back”… idk why it disappeared completely on mine when it was there 2 days ago. I specifically put money on here to get that pack and it’s gone. Hopefully I don’t have to wait another month.

      2. Hey I don’t know if this will help u but it did me go to weapons then armory then find the gun that says psychosis and it will give you the wendigo pack for 2400 cp let me know how that goes for you 😁

      3. Bey bro, go on the actual MW game and look under Bluelrints and look for Evil manifest weapon. Once you click on it, it’ll prompt you to purchase whole pack.

    2. Bought the pack but got bored of the effect in about one day. Barely anyone even uses it anymore cuz the wow factor of the effect went away quite quickly. 2400 cod for this effect on subpar guns and okay skin….. I wouldn’t get it if I could do it over again

      1. both of the guns suck in gunfigths of the same weapon class, but the dismemberment effect is pretty cool. The dog execution move is my go-to and the skin is fucking sick. The bundle should have been sold for 1600.

    1. looks like they don’t plan on bringing it back and could care less what we say. I see no answers on here

      1. Taiga skin have an issue in Warzone so IW removed it from the store, I mean when you jump from the plane there is no smoke from your behind while everyone else have it. And don’t pay attention to my upper comment, I tested something

    1. They probably took it down because the Wendigo skin is glitched in Warzone (causes there not to be red smoke when you’re dropping in). When they fix that, it will probably be back up.

      1. Please I beg you someone get me a phone number I need to contact support. I won’t play the game no more if they don’t drop the skin again. I swear on god I ain’t lying. Please I give you one more day so this shit happens

      1. Pls bring back this pack. It’s so frustrating when I just got the money to buy and then it goes away.

  4. please put the wendigo pack back up for purchase. it would be much appreciated by ur fans and customers

  5. Where can I buy it? It doesn’t appear in the store. But it’s available on the account of another friend. When it will available in my account wtf?

  6. really overrated bundle. both weapons will never be in the meta so you are forced to use non meta weapons because you paid 2400 points for a pack that has special tracers. Skin itself is pretty average as well.

    1. Your crazy bro!! Just gotta know how yo use them, and there isn’t any tracer its got Cryo Dismemberment! Def worth it!

      1. Why are you being a dickhead just because people want a cool ass pack in the game that has cool ass features. Stfu already. Nobody cares what you think dude, stop replying to every single comment.