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  1. Was available today through bluerpint bundles guys for anyone wanting this little gem! Well happy grab this one this morning…

  2. If you select the same attachements on a blank weapon as detailed on a blueprint… do you get the same weapon with same damage, control, etc… ? Thanks 🙂

    1. Pretty much yes. It’s purely cosmetic. And an easy way to get some attachments early on to help with leveling.

  3. The mask is just a cosmetic right? As in he doesn’t auto start the round with a gas mask or am I wrong ?

    1. Yes bundles will come back eventually, unfortunately we don’t know when so keep an eye out on codmwstore.com and your in-game store to see the bundles everyday!

  4. Last I seen this bundle was in February and its April now. This is why rotating shops are lame takes forever just to see one thing again despite the fact I just wanna spend my money but infinity ward be like ” but you gotta wait till we bring it back “