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  1. On my game this is still available go to weapons then armory then go to lmg and find Trencher and press on it you should be able to buy it

      1. That’s just what he says when he uses his assassination. I have heard him speak when I play co op missions. He responds to debriefings at the beginning. I haven’t paid attention to if he does or doesn’t say anything when he reloads. I’ll experiment today and see

    1. Do you kill them with words,or the weapons it brings, so far Velikkan skin is fire,the Brien and the 680 are fire weapons and the cammo is fire too, shadow company get it? Ps. If you can’t afford it hit me up and I will gift it to you

  2. Thank you Captain obvious you are a great help to society.Point out what everybody knows because clearly you are the only one who understands sh*t around here.

  3. I actually agree with the majority of comments so far on this bundle. Average bundle at best, allegiance has way more skins then coalition IW really need to come up with some more bubdles for them because there are zero decent ones! Well and truly stacked in allegiances favor….

  4. How about a tribute operator to fallen deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal for all that he stood for and for being a person of sikh background and stood up for what he believed in!

          1. you ruined it. The chain’s supposed to say everything in the bundle EXCEPT for the cool parts of the bundle.