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  1. U r aware that u can go to blueprints in weapon customs and buy it that way instead right? All the packs r ther

    1. Doesn’t show up for people who haven’t seen it yet, so I’m just checking the store everyday until it does

  2. I don’t understand why I can every skin that cane out on black ops. But its a gamble when it comes to modern warfare skins. Do they not like making money. O they like we don’t care we make enough lol

  3. Didn’t care about skins till i seen this one in a video. This is a must buy! Please bring back soon, Thank You!.

  4. This hasn’t been in store since April 7 according to this website’s tracking. It’s time to bring it back I’ve been waiting to give you my money. I might change my mind if it’s not there soon.

  5. I’ve been checking for this bundle EVERY DAY since I’ve seen it, but to no avail. I guess my team will have to find out I’m trash the old fashion way…