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  1. anyone know how i can get this bundle as of today? cant find it under m13 or oden blueprints in armory

  2. c’est très rare maintenant de l’apercevoir en boutique a cause des nouveaux opérateurs, il faut regarder tous les jours

  3. I love unicorns, thank you for creating this tracer pack. I enjoy playing MW. This adds so much more delight to my playing style.

  4. POS of yall pink taxing the crap out of female bundles, and release this for twice the price as most. Y’all can forget it done with COD.

  5. I can’t find this anywhere. I looked under Oden and M13, and I looked under the helicopter, and there you can see the skin but it just said that you have to buy the bundle from the store, but it doesn’t have a way to go to the bundle from that page.

  6. This shit definitely not worth 30 bucks, you could get a whole other game with that money and honestly the skins aren’t even that nice

      1. Wow, both homophobic AND immature. We have a real keeper here. This is why I rarely play with my mic on because you’re the type of people that I always have to deal with playing COD