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  1. Hily shi…IT bad lousy version..It’s in store right now..if it stayts till next month im buying it..Fck love IT clown and Ronald Mc Donald

  2. SHG try not to use the same exact gloves/NVG models challenge {NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY} (IMPOSSIBLE)

  3. She took sally, my beloved german shepherd with her. And she fucked my brother philippe.
    But thats alright since enigma, I’m allowed to call him pham, and I always solve puzzles together. Which is basically my biggest passion

  4. she took the kids, the house, the 2002 honda accord, my collection of funko pops & drained my bank account but at the end of the day i at least have the “luciferin” enigma skin in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III

    1. Seriously, can a woman compare to a tracer pack like Phyto Fighter?
      Count your blessings and hope she doesn’t take half.

  5. This is a fire skin and tracer pack not gonna lie. Definitely going to cop, but still can’t believe no Clown skin yet, which is also supposed to be for Enigma…