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  1. Uses slurs against homosexuals but is spending his time coming onto places like this to be upset on behalf of another man. Bigots have literally no self-awareness.

    1. He said that children shouldn’t learn about gender when they are in elementary school. He said for the gays to leave kids alone. They need to learn reading writing and math, not how many genders there are.

  2. I missed our on the skin. Never popped up on my store. Wish there was a way activision could have all the bundles up on there mw2 site after it disappears on the store in the game. There missing out on money

  3. nickmercs an absolute chad to have his skin removed.

    reminds me of Rue in fortnite. just one day and she’s gone.

  4. Grab some popcorn while reading these comments. The best ones are by the guy that thinks “fuck up” means the same thing as “shut up” and yells other unintelligible crap lmao

  5. The anti queer part was implying that all gay people are pedos. I hate to break it to you, but there’s quite a lot of straight men languishing in prison for raping little girls. Am I gonna say that we should keep all white males between the ages of 20 to 55 away from underage females? No, because that would be ignorant. Amazingly, not all straight white men are rapists. So, let’s all just agree that all pedos (straight or gay) are bad? Like that can’t be that hard, can it?

    1. Pepe,
      I can imagine that being an incel must be difficult for you. The fact that women are so repulsed by you that they won’t give you the time of day must really be affecting your self esteem and fragile psyche. However, that does not mean you should be taking out your self-hate on others. It’s called transference and it’s sad. Maybe if you could take Nick’s dick out of your mouth for long enough you would have the time to find a nice self help book to read. Perhaps, even a couple of books to help you to deal with the myriad of mental health issues you are obviously experiencing. Anyway, best of luck on your journey of self discovery, acceptance and healing.

  6. Hot tip for those looking to purchase this: unlike Tim, Nick has ZERO voicelines. You’re telling me IW brought this motherfucker out to get his body scanned and everything yet he couldn’t record a measly couple voicelines? Absolute joke.