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  1. I’ve seen exactly one mf rocking this skin. I fear most people commenting here are total bots and therefore not at all findable in my lobbies

    1. to each their own buddy. obviously it’s not for everyone, but plenty enough of us circus clown freaks out here to make it worth activision’s time. I think its fire, and a steal to get it for only 1800 CP on mobile.

  2. It’s beautiful. Perfection personified. The best character skin that has ever been or ever will be.

    1. Actually that would be the kortac militant skin. But if you had a life between oct 2022 and oct 2023 you dont have it and you’ll never be able to

  3. He is out now. OMG life is great. They pulled him out after the usual time for more money like I do with hookers

    1. I thought you were trolling at first, such an odd time to release the bundle, super late both season and time of day wise…