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  1. Major 4:20 fumble!!…this pack is Mid
    No dismemberment effect…just some weak ass leaf lasers
    Snoop’s Vanguard pack was much better…hell the original Dr.Kaslov pack was better…
    Now look, all that crying you all did about Tracers during Vanguard, seems like they got rid of Dismemberment now…smh

  2. I picked this bundle up after realizing I had over 8500 points. The guns hit hard and I really like the tracers. Also, the finishing mover is definitely epic lol. The only your name on the way purchased recently was the classic ghost. I really love that one. I’m saving the points now for the elemental bundle coming out and either cyber riot, or dark ritual 2. I have the first one but this operator I believe will be Koenig