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    1. Yeah that’s honestly atrocious they sold that without even giving you what you pay for devs don’t care about quite a bit that goes on this we all know but I’m sure that’s literal scamming at this point.

  1. They should just give us the 3 skins at this point, since warzone map isnt even out no more. Just coped it and there is no way to unlock the skin

  2. Dudes got a point y’all are the reason warzone and cod is such a very buggy mess caring more about the bundles than the game itself nice going douchebags

  3. Maybe stop buying bundles because your the reason warzone and cod are slowly dying you and your constant ebegging for bundles and guess what this bug is step 1 of karma sucks to suck

  4. To all the people who bought the pack after verdansk is no longer playable. I have been contacting the support for the past 5 days and the conclusion is as follows “Verdansk is no longer available or playable same with the items that are connected to the map.” So basically they refuse to change the task and refuse to give the skin to us. I done all I could.To all the people who contacted the support about this problem I would like to know your results as well.

    1. Bundle is in the store right now.
      Still with Verdansk challenge to complete in the first mission, good I checked before I bought.
      Hope they will fix this somehow but I don’t see it happen.

      Anyway If I buy this samurai pack do I unlock the basic military skin as well ?

  5. To everyone who can’t do the challenge “Spray something on the walls of Downtown”. Contact the Activision support and write down the problem. If more people contact then, they maybe change the challenge. Let hope it works

    1. It’s so fking dumb they just removed verdansk. I just bought this pack and now how do I suppose to finish his first challenge then? Where hell is the downtown in the new map???

  6. I need this!! I missed this last time and I’m afraid it won’t be available anymore before the Vanguard integration ;(

  7. It’s in the warzone store now finally! Get it quick! Just letting you guys know as I know many are keen on this bundle

  8. Looks like it’s not available at the moment, even if you search for the weapon blueprints. But I am sure they will put in the store again soon.

  9. If anyone wants to trade for this my activison is
    Silly The Goose#1647052 I can trade the Ghost Grim Reaper pack or the Blunt Force 2 pack

  10. You can’t gift any of the Season 1 Bundles. They were removed from the store database because some wanted to get unreleased bundles early. You people need to remain patient and buy it yourself. Seriously your turning into the thing we swore to destroy “Fortniters.”

  11. My activision is Sergeant Whitt#7717334 if anybody can gift this to me, I’ll get you 50$ worth of cod points.

  12. If anyone wants this bundle but you don’t have modern warfare to get it..I can gift it to you if you can do two things. 1. Tell me how I can gift it to you so I know how to do it. And 2. You have to gift me two cold war bundles you can get in the warzone or cold war store that will cost you 2600 cod points for both. 1300 each. If you don’t do that first..it’s no deal. Reply if interested.

    1. I’m interested, my activision is
      Sergeant Whitt#7717334 tell me which two bundles you want and I’ll get them to you.

  13. Wanting to get this skin too, not sure how all this works but if someone wants to help my tag is Krispy#7419309 (Or my instagram is @StrictlyKrispy)

  14. I would but for some reason it’s not showing on my own bundles page. Maybe I got to wait till it refreshes.

  15. To anyone who had the luck to buy it the past weeks. IF you purchased the bundle you can go to your call of duty, see the bundles youve purchased and GIFT this bundle to anyone on your friends list. My tag is AVRAXAS97#3984639. To ANYONE interested, ILl FURNISH YOU WITH 3000 cod points if you gift this to me. ILL GIFT THE 3000 back. SIMPLE. EASY. Come on community…..

        1. I would but for some reason it’s not showing on my own bundles page. Maybe I got to wait till it refreshes.

  16. Wait we can trade now? Im down bro. I own this bundle.. slide thru my instagram dm’s if you want to. My ig is @azhadd_

  17. Guys it was in the MW store for 1-2 on July 1st. It’s currently not in the store anymore but this only means it’ll be back again one day 🙏 keep checking both stores and I’m sure you’ll get it

  18. Been checking everyday but no luck so far. Don’t have MW, just WZ and CW. How would I get this?


    1. WHEEREEE?
      If you gift me the pack, ill furnish you wtih 3200 cod points worth of packs right fucking now

  20. I have 3100 cod points. Ill exchange such amount in bundles to anyone who can gift this bundle to me right now. Ill be waitin.. Im Avraxas97#1289

  21. Still waiting for this bundle too. Been checking this site way too often for it T.T all I have to say is don’t give up guys it will hopefully come back soon

  22. Been waiting for this bundle for a month, Can anyone gift me this bundle?
    I have 2500 cod points.
    I can gift you any bundle you want.

  23. I have a total of 3200 cod points. And will buy any bundle for you AND gift you a smaller bundle. Just to trade for a crimson ronin bundle.

  24. Can someone gift me this or wanna trade for it through the cod companion app? Been waiting forever for it to be available again in the store.

    Activision* ID: that1Clutch#6968063
    Xbox GT: that1Clutch

    Some of the bundles I own:
    Balkan Blue Lightning Unit
    Tracer Pack: Skeletonized
    SERE Kit Plunder Player
    The Land Of Oz Collection: Nikto Brainless
    SERE Kit Top Tier
    Tracer Pack: Shadow
    Sparks Operator Bundle

    Thanks and good luck to you all

  25. I wanted to buy that bundle so bad last week . But it’s just gone from the armory . But my friend still sees the bundle in the armory. This shit is weird .

    1. you know whats funny, this link used to work a couple of weeks ago, even though it didnt allow to process the purchase. Now, the mkers tell that this bundle doesnt even exist. Heres the link https://my.callofduty.com/player/store/sku/400574/title/mw. I hate fucking Activision, they stale the rotation so you forget about the pack, make you loose faith on its return and eventually tickle your itch for more gear with alternative bundles that you never wanted. Thats the company – player collective mentallity that is so fucking disgusting about this bussiness model. My suggestion….. Be patient. It has to come out, theyre not stupid, they know the bundles sells well but they want more with other generally unwanted bundles.

      1. The problem is Activision doesn’t need money, so it doesn’t matter if it sells or not to them. I bet they had to remove those store links for bundles that aren’t in store cause they’re not meant to be bought at that time and some customers wouldn’t receive the bundles they bought, causing them a slew of customer support complaints and refunding. Not to mention being able to purchase the MOAB (mother of all battle passes) on the websites store and there was nothing there.

        At least with the Rambo and John mcclane bundles they say they’re limited to a month in the store. I like that, you can plan out your purchases that way. I think they should list how long items will be in store so people can be prepared to have the correct funds when they need to, but that might be asking a lot of Activision. Executions don’t even display on modern warfare store anymore lol. Little thing, but it’s nice to be able to see what I’m buying right there and not have to look it up on YouTube.

        For now, I’d say try to keep 2400 cod points in your account in case exclusive bundles appear, not much else you can do.

      2. Exatamente meu amigo, não podemos perder a fé na volta desse pacote.
        Eu acho que todos aqui que desejam comprar esse pacote, deveria ficar enviando e-mail para o suporte da Activision, cobrando a volta do mesmo.

  26. This is not in my store or my friend’s store. What a freaking joke they drop it only for 2 weeks in season 1 and now for 1 week. bruh!!!!!

  27. Can someone gift me this or wanna exchange? Been waiting forever for it to be available again in the store.
    My ID is that1Clutch#

    Some of the bundles I own:
    Balkan Blue Lightning Unit
    Tracer Pack: Skeletonized
    SERE Kit Plunder Player
    The Land Of Oz Collection: Nikto Brainless
    SERE Kit Top Tier
    Tracer Pack: Shadow
    Sparks Operator Bundle

    Thanks and good luck to you all

  28. Same, it is still not available in the armory and store. More blueprints/bundles have disappeared since the season 3 update. Is it bugged?

  29. I went to Modern Warfare side of the game, don’t see it in store. Any help? It’s supposedly currently in rotation.

    1. Ninguém sabe ainda meu amigo.
      Eu aconselho todos nós ficarmos enviando e-mail para o suporte da Activision pedindo a volta desse pacote.

  30. Hello. I have purchased it, but i can not see second and third skin, only first one:( Whye that? I am on cold war third season on MW.

    1. Olá amigo, você conseguiu comprar esse pacote do operador Ronin?
      Caso tenha comprado teria como entrar em contato comigo?!

    1. That’s the 4th objective, you have to do them in order. The picture is misleading.

      Objective 1: Spray a building in the downtown section while using Ronin as your Coalition operator in warzone
      Objective 2: Get 7 kills with an assault rifle while using Ronin as your Coalition operator
      Objective 3: Call in 3 killstreaks while using Ronin as your Coalition operator
      Objective 4: Get 5 long shots while using Ronin as your Coalition operator

      You start with the base skin (Zen), the 2nd skin (Hagakure) unlocks after completing objective 2, and the 3rd skin (Honjo) unlocks after completing objective 4.

      1. Yes, for clarity we couldn’t put all missions in the picture. What is stated in the comment above is correct you have to do all the missions in order.

        But to come back to your question, the skin variants(s) will be permanently unlocked after completing the objectives.

  31. This bundle has a cycling set of images on the banner, as does Rainbow Sparkles. For those waiting that bundle out, it’s coming soon, probably in early May.