The Unseen featured call of duty modern warfare item bundle

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  1. The name Unseen is misleading. A red ghillie suit looks very cool but you will definitely be SEEN. The blueprint is nice though.

  2. God almighty, why on earth do they have this on constant repeat along with the outback….seems like its the same 3 operator bundles just recycled day after day….lazy work infinity ward really they really need to put some work in and create some better operators and not just rotate the worst one continually

  3. If I buy this operator skin, will it have another color option? Because I’ve been seeing in game players with different color with this skin(leafy yellow and, green

    1. Yellow with green skin have very similar 3d model, but lacks net on face (it is all grass emulation) and lacks the bags on the waist. It is obtainable only by purchasing the game via “Battlepass Edition”. Saying this as owner. There are 2 other operator skins as well, but they are much worse, 3 calling cards and 3 weapon blueprints (grassy HDR, some clownish M4 and .357).