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  1. Please bring this one back in rotation. I know the HDR blueprint isn’t in the armory store as an option to look this skin up

    1. Yeah very sad I’m waiting for this to come out, unfortunately the MW store barely rotates, its been the same shit for 2-3 weeks now.

  2. Galmar Stone-Fist. is that you? what are you doing in Warzone? shouldn’t you be helping Ulfric Stormcloak?

  3. U can find bundles in weapon loadouts when you select a gun and go to the store tab next to the gunsmith tab…you can find past operators and guns

  4. So I am willing to spend real money to get this bundle just to have the hdr skin but I can’t? How much sense does that make? Why would you have a product that someone wants to purchase and not be willing to sell it to them?

    1. The Store rotations are made that way to encourage spending. If you could purchase any Store bundle at any time, then the average consumer is less likely to make a purchase, since they know that it’ll “still be there later”.

      Currently, every bundle is eligible to make a return some time or another (that includes holiday bundles, like the Tracer Pack: Green blueprint bundle, which can show up out of season). By offering the bundles this way, consumers will (theoretically) buy them with less hesitation, since they don’t know when the bundle will be back in rotation–and that’s if they know that it can come back.

      When a bundle is bought, the bundle is removed from the Store and another random bundle is put in its place whenever it would normally show up for that person (which could potentially entice them to buy more things if something “good” shows up).

      TL;DR: It’s just a sales tactic.