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  1. When will this stupid leave? Also I know nobody can change the shop here I get it. but come on people have to be bored of this like come on

  2. I wish the golden tracer bullets actually turned your opponents in fully golden statues instead of dismembering them

  3. I really think they should add a tribute to fallen Texas deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal. Great accomplishment for him as a person of Sikh background and just a sad and tragic way he was killed.

        1. If you’re ecstatic than say “I can’t wait for this bundle to come out” not ask a meaningless question that no one can answer.

          1. You know the shop resets and you are sitting and you ugh when will this come out. That is what I meant jeez

      1. we get it, you’re a special boy. Everybody knows that this site is just for checking the item store.

        1. Yes I am glad I am recognized. Now: present your “12 inches” soft and I’ll show you my 13 inches hard 😈

          1. joke explained: 12 inches soft means the penis is flacid. 2/3 of men’s penises expand around 3 times it’s flacid size when it gets hard. This is a joke saying that my penis is 36 inches long when hard (about the length of a leg)

      2. The only guaranteed bundle in a season is the final operator bundle that comes out 3 weeks before the end of seasons

      1. true, g.i mini reflex works fine, and losing one attachment bonus just for a sight doesn’t make this gun unusable.

    1. I’ts probably actor from class B prn video. He has a golden panties on his face. Infity Ward, where are you going?

        1. It replaced those to give the gun golden tracers and dismemberment effect. Which I prefer to the usual finishing move and tier skip

          1. Tracers are the cancer of this game. Game started with normal skins and bundles, and now is closer and closer to Fortnite… Bleh.

          2. oh no, the game feels childish because of the in-game cosmetics. Even though the basic mechanics of this game is pretty realistic, I hate these bundles that are targeted towards the younger players, which aer the majority of the MW community