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  1. I want this skin so bad! Why is it not coming back?! The “Just for you” section of the store is wildly innacurate as it should have presented this by now.

    1. So I found out if you buy skins it actually adds another skin that’s how I got this skin last week

    2. i regret not buying this bundle when it was available — i’ve been waiting months for it to pop up again :,(

    1. If you look up any of the blueprints in the armory, that should lead you to the bundle with the skin for purchase.

  2. It’s awesome. The P90 is set up good for mid or CQB, can remove a few things and still work well CQB pushing recoil and have your pick of suppressor and optic, or forego it.

    I kept a suppressor w/ minimal drawbacks to reduce sound/radar, but cut the optic since it’s really not needed CQB or even mid w/ this setup.

    It’s not a hipfire king, but is a definite beast. Can compete w/ faster SMG easily.