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  1. Same here like literally the next day it disappeared after having the points and it was after my bday it sucked lmfao

  2. I need it my stepbrother bought another bundle but quick equipped it to my talon I have but I don’t have the original bundle for talon so when he bought the other bundle it got rid of Indiana

  3. Bring this back! I’ve been looking for this bundle for days and can’t find it. Please bring it back so I can buy it

  4. Bit of a warning, you can’t equip the black dog execution (sick ’em) on other operators, It’s for talon only.

  5. I really want this bundle so bad and it hasn’t appeared in store for weeks. I keep checking my “For You” and still nothing 🙁

    1. we just have to sit back and wait for it to return. if you’re lucky enough it may pop up under the “For You” tab. I’m waiting on buying it as well