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  1. My man Grey got this and reviewed it on his YouTube channel two weeks ago. I’ve been waiting to make this skin purchase today but I see it’s not available,what happened to the Park tagged skin bundle? Is it going to be available for Xbox one anytime soon? I hope so!

    1. Nevermind, I found the Tagger Skin in the Warzone store (it wasn’t in the COD Blk Ops Cold War store via Microsoft Xbox)… It’s all good 👍

      1. I couldn’t find it in the COD Blk Ops Cold War store but I did find it in the COD Warzone store. Hope this helps…

      2. Oh yeah, to find the Tagger Skin in COD Warzone store look under the XM4 weapon skin blueprints and that’s where you’ll find it. Peace out and Happy New year!

      3. Okay, so i had the skin for about a week now.. So what you do is go to your “Armory” scroll through the guns and they will tell you what pack they come from. When selecting the gun pack you can purchase it there.. You can look through all items previous and what is to come! It was a cool thing when i found it out. It is the AK47 cold war edition and it has graffiti on it. There you go! Hope this helps! Add me on instagram if you need further help @ymlegend