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  1. Why don’t we just have access to everything at all times? It doesn’t seem that hard. Or let us have a place on the app where we can add what we want to a custom shopping list of 5 or so bundles so we have the ability to pick them up when we are ready. This whole waiting weeks or months only does one thing for me and that is make me hate the store and save my money for something else not COD related oh well guess I’ll take my money elsewhere no big deal.

  2. Now that the rebirth island map is dark. The blacklight tracers look SICK. You can’t really see it on the Verdansk map, because of how bright it is.
    Absolutely LOVE the AR in this bundle 💙

  3. I meam I have seen it like 3-4 days ago but when I realized next day I want it its gone… is anybody have any knowledge when It comes again or how to get it? xx

  4. Damnit! I was about to buy it, the queue popped and I said “Eh, I’ll get it after this game” and forgot. Just missed it by *that* much.

  5. Some bs why was this pack only available for 5hrs? Why can’t it stay on the store like the rest of the packs smh…

  6. Finally found this bundle in store yesterday and went to bed thinking…. screw it ! I’m spending the last of my money on it ! ( sad I know )
    Then this morning it’s gone 🙄 I’m sick of this happening .

    When will it return please ?

    1. I feel it bro. Same exact scenario for me…. maybe it’ll pop today or later this week. Hopefully like that dude who said every 2 months…

  7. Seriously I spent about 400$ on all the tracer and weapons pack and I been waiting for the black tracer to hit the store again and when it does it never gave me any fuckin time to purchase it. Was gone within 10 hours after being on the store SMGDH!!! Put it back in my store all the money I spend I should be entitled to a free tracer pack crook motherfuckers

  8. I just seen it on the god damn store last night and bought COD points and now the mf isn’t there anymore put that shit back in MY store god damn it I spent at least 400$ on the game store I should be priority

      1. I got it today too. It doesn’t appear in everyone’s store, though. It’s not in my friends store. Btw, it only appeared in the multiplayer store and not on my warzone store.

  9. J ai voulu l acheter, puis quand j ai acheter les CP elle n etais plus dans la boutique ni même dans les variante proposer de la m4a1… Bug ou normal?

    1. Yes you can get it now in the Modern Warfare and Warzone in-game store! Our frontpage shows the available bundles in the shop now 👍