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  1. Bought this skin on my xbox on 9/18/21 same day I go to play warzone and it’s not there :/ but its barely wants to show up on warzone on my xbox.

  2. You have to go and actually find them in your inventory. They don’t show up as new items but are there. And this post helped me identify the weapons and yeah, the mugshot lady is the one with orange hair

  3. I bought the bundle but didn’t receive anything. And can’t find the Portnova skin at all on the ps4. Anyone having the exact same issue?

    1. I’m on pc, bought the whole thrust engine package. It let me play as her. But once I changed operators. She wasn’t available to play as anymore. She’s not in my roster. Can’t find her

  4. Go to Operators- press up and go to all Operators and find the woman that looks like she’s taking a mugshot. Press triangle and pick the skin.

  5. I bought this skin and it never came down up In my operators

    Same here…. Can anybody explain this please?

  6. I just purchased this now it says bundle isn’t available and all I have is the points you get with the bundle. WHERE IS THE OPERATOR,GUNS EMBLEM ETC

  7. Best $30 bucks I spent. Got a portnova skin and a suppressed AK-74u. Also managed to get my Winter Contingency Ghost bundle from the 2400 CoD Points included in this bundle.