1. I’m gonna be sad when my pregame lobby cowboy commando gets patched from the hat to his NVG like in game. I think it’s hilarious, and it doesn’t impact gameplay bc it’s only in the pregame walk. Always makes me chuckle seeing him w his stupid ass cowboy hat.

  2. What the hell is this cowboy hat in the pregame lobby??? I feel robbed, and you have to explain to me the sense of this hat on that clothes. It matches absolutely NOTHING, it simply ruins the character, it’s simply disgusting! Fix it asap please.

  3. Can you give us our COD point’s back if we want them considering I only even bought this skin for the NVG goggles? Literally EVERY person that bought this skin has a cowboy hat and sunglasses on in the pregame lobby. It doesn’t matter if he look’s the way he is supposed to in an actual game…half the time I even look at my operator is IN the pregame lobby. My friend’s see my operator in pregame when I’m in a party with them and they see a dude with a cowboy hat on, NOT the actual skin I INTENDED to buy. He’s normal in matches but I want him to ALSO look normal in pregame. I feel like I got robbed, especially since nobody from IW has even addressed the issue yet. If you can’t fix it for the people that already bought the skin then can you give us our point’s back to buy another skin instead?

    1. Absolutely. I feel like I’ve been cheated out of my money. This isn’t what the skin was advertised as, and it’s not fair that it has this glitch.

    1. Seriously man, they need to address the problem ASAP or give us our point’s back. I pretty much only even get to see my operator IN the pregame lobby unless I watch the killcam considering it’s a FPS.

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