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  1. willing to give 10 Operator Bundles for this: Talon, Undead Forces (Syd), Roze, Morte, WMD (Minotaur), Iskra, Amethyst Iskra, Ghost Grim Reaper, Rebellion (Domino) & Tactical Human (Charly).

  2. I wonder if there was some sort of licensing agreement with some of the actors/models? If there was and it expired that would explain them not coming back.

  3. Can somebody gift it to me, i will pay 2400 cp. Add my instagram mr_zakaria_6z and text me “mara” i will know that you want to trade

  4. hi, do you have the Mara death dealer bundle? If you have it, you can gift it to me in exchange for any 2400 CP plus Park double agent Bundle.

  5. If Anyone has this vault pack. I’d love to gift Trade, i’d even gift you a 2400 CP bundle for mara’s death dealer 2000 CP bundle !

  6. If ANYONE has purchased this Vault Pack, I am 100% willing to give them the CoD Points to gift it to me. My Instagram name is godsmack_071. Just message me “Death Dealer” and I’ll know.

  7. As soon as this bundle came out the shop tab broke for me so I could find/buy it, and from what I can see now it’s been removed… I don’t quite understand how this game has bugs like this… seems every time there’s a new bundle I want the game says “lol nope” any clue if I could ever get this rectified? Or am I gonna have to wait a year or two till they cycle this shit back? If they do

  8. If this is not in the store, you can also find this bundle looking for the “Guard One” blueprint in the Armory under “Handgun”.

    1. it’s not there bro. I tried looking for the other blueprints in both the warzone and modern warfare armory but they not there.