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  1. With Vanguard releasing so soon, the chances of this cycling back through the store is slim. Season 1 and 2 vault packs are coming to the store next.

  2. I cannot locate it at all. Im in the USA.
    I check the weapons nothing
    The vault packs do not appear for me like I have seen screen shots of them as part of the store for others…
    Very frustrating. Lol

    1. You can find the bundle through the armory. Look for the “All That Glitters” Uzi blueprint in either Armory or through your Create a Class 👍

  3. The bundles were probably released only for the us region accounts. They are probably coming to the eu store in the coming days-weeks.

  4. That’s bizarre but good to know, thanks. I’m on PS5 in the U.K. and they didn’t show so I set up a separate US PSN account and they appeared in that account’s store. You can then just join the lobby of your US account on Warzone with your proper account and the bundles will appear for you that way to buy. A different option for those who don’t have a PS4, but obviously your way is easier!

  5. To everyone below – these bundles are not available in the U.K. at present. I also understand they’re only available in North America.

      1. Yeah it’s really strange but none of the bundles are in the U.K. store. I set up a US account and the bundles appeared there so definitely a U.K. issue. Wasn’t sure if Europe or elsewhere was affected too. I guess the only way for U.K. people to get the bundles is to be gifted them? Seems like a glitch to me

  6. To everyone below, you can get the packs by logging into Warzone (instead of MW) and then going to one of the weapons (I used the Uzi in this case), going to the Armoury section and then finding the pack from there.

  7. To everyone below, you can find this by going into Warzone (rather than MW) and then going to the Armoury section of one of the weapons in this bundle (I went to the Uzi for this, for example). Same can be done for Mara’s one from yesterday.