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  1. hello, while I was playing I noticed that a colleague used this skin but he did not have tactical equipment, he only had the balaclava, is it another bundle or is it the same one with that customization option?

  2. Go to weapons (gunsmith) go to MCPR-300, click square or X for store, select the blueprint and you can buy the bundle. Works for any bundle that isn’t shown in the store anymore

  3. Go to Customize, click on Loading Screen. Look for the “Deadly Rain” Loading Screen. Click on it and the bundle should be offered to you.

  4. The bundle was removed from the store. Even if you go to the “Loading Screen” section and click on the “Deadly Rain” Loading Screen the bundle will not be offered to you.

    1. I noticed, too, that you can’t find a lot of the skins through that method any more. Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional.

  5. Would’ve been dope they if brought the dog back!…still a fire bundle
    Throwback Rose 🥀 …Mandatory Cop

  6. this is a nice bundle but of course it has that pay 2 win DMZ bullshit in it. I fucking hate that so much.