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  1. CodMWStore, I really appreciate your reply. Thank you.
    I’ve been waiting all of season 3 until now to see the Armed Response pack but it has never been released.
    It’s just hugely frustrating.
    Do you have any idea why we haven’t seen it?Speculation on social media is that it has something to do with BLM. I really hope not. Witholding content or removing content (Puppy Patdown spray) is really sad.
    This is a game and the only thing that I’ve ever found offensive is how many underage players have claimed to have slept with my mum…😳🙄🤣
    I appreciate you don’t press the buttons that decide what’s put in the store. 👍

        1. So you do comment on people’s posts… just not when they ask you a question.
          Here it is again,
          Why won’t you put the Armed Response Pack in the store?
          It was supposed to come out in season 3.
          I know the weapons exist, I’ve used them in the Gunfight Blueprints game mode.
          Put them in the store or please answer me why not?