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  1. Thanks for this link? I’m also looking for the “high voltage bundle” to pair the Sniper with this skin… would you have that link? I have the COD app but there’s no search engine on there that I can find

  2. Is there anyway of still getting this bundle just started playing Warzone and am a viking themed streamer this would be amazing 🙂

  3. ANONYMOUS SNOW FLAKE they literally were advocating equality and advertised black lives matter around the time of George Floyd and you’re crying about some cosmetic stuff? get off the internet you sensitive sissy

  4. This game hates black people and Black women, Syd and Alice have the shittiest skins and plainest bodies, but the basic white chicks and Asian girl have black bodies and tons of good skins

    1. I’m not gonna say they hate back people but they made them pretty ugly tbh and they mostly go for ops that are most used it seems like.

  5. I really think they should add a tribute to fallen Texas deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal. Great accomplishment for him as a person of Sikh background and just a sad and tragic way he was killed.

    1. we don’t give a sh** about another emo ghillie suit skin, give us the new Mara bundle!!

    2. They are dropping another Ghost skin with a gillie suit. That way you can stop crying and go back to sucking on your momma’s tit.

  6. Love this bundle! Bought it as soon as I saw it. Now I just need the Domino Rebellion bundle and Maras Kawaii bundle and I’ll be all set