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  1. Es muss doch möglich sein das Bundle zu bekommen 🙁
    Geht bei Bale doch auch mit dem elektrischen Wurfmesser!

  2. It’s not the junk shotgun itself and not the skin either, but the fire knife and the throwing knife, the knife is one of the best there is and that’s why there are so many people who want it

  3. Does anyone have this? I really want this pack and I haven’t seen it in my store for a long time.

    1. He appeared just 1 week ago. Honestly we don’t care that he puts it back right away, there are other packs that have not appeared for several weeks that should be put back before.

    1. That is correct, The Caldera Shotgun has Dragon’s Breath Rounds. The Heat Treat you can either equip as an weapon or as an visual update for the Throwing Knive making it the Flaming Throwing Knife!

        1. The flaming throwing knife equipment is just a visual, so it is exactly the same (damage-wise) as the traditional throwing knife but has different looks and animations.

      1. salut je voulais prendre le pack pyromaniac mais introuvable pk les pack ne reste t’il pas en tout temps