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  1. Thats unfortunate i really wanted it. One of my favourite youtuber has it and he is obsesed with the swift kick finishing move.

  2. go to operators then find park, click personalise and find the skin from this pack. then there should be an image on the bottom right showing the pack and what button you need to press to get a shortcut to it. then you just need to buy it and done

  3. Alguém sabe quando ela volta tiraram ela hoje da loja nesta sexta-feira juntei dinheiro o mês todo para comprar ela é eles removem estou muito 😞😥

  4. how can i find this pack now it’s been removed from store and i wanna buy it but it has no blueprints so i can’t find it via searching for guns :'(

    1. If you go to Park’s skins (only in Cold War) you can see every skin she has, which bundle it goes with, and you can buy it right there

        1. go to operators, park, then scroll down to the double agent skin, then click “view bundle”, then buy it. this only works in cod cold war as warzone doesnt allow you to view old bundles.

    2. u can only “buy it” from cod cold war if its not on your shop, due to warzone not allowing u to buy old bundles