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  1. You can find the bundle if you go to Chuy and select the Clearwater skin. It will give you an option to view the bundle.

  2. I had it on sale for 1400 during a couple hours, then it returned to 2000 again. The category was called “Sale”, now it’s called “Special”. You know if this is a bug or how sales will work?

  3. Hold up this bundle is 2000 cp? …I got it for 1800 when it was released..now it’s discounted which means they are selling it for 2400 now? Sheesh

  4. I have just purchased Overgrown (23/01/2013) and all I can find is the sniper rifle. No ghilli suit and no M4 blueprint.

    1. 19 January, 2023 at 7:31 pm
      Would love to see this back in the store. Can we buy it please, put it back in game

  5. Bring this bundle back so I can buy it!!!
    Its crazy to have limited windows for people to purchase items. If i want something let me buy it. Bring back the way the store used to function so I can still buy bundles through locating blueprints…or you know..maybe just a regular store?

  6. I hate the way the store works now. In the other games you could go to the armory and pull up the weapons and find all previous skins. The way it is setup now you can’t do that. It sucks the way they have it setup now. I preferred the other way.

  7. It’s gone and thinking it be like cold war. Were you can look at the gun or operators, and still be able to buy it..

  8. I bought this when the game came out and since the new update the blueprint weapons are gone and so is the operator skin. And still down 2000 cod points not cool