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  1. boy, nekto has the least creative designs. They should hold off on making any more gas mask kruger skins and give nekto some love

  2. Rob Snell like seriously? I mean understand the eleko bundle, but this? Like come on this a literally a re skin of nikto which is actually a GOOD Skin. Coalition sh*t will come soon enough. You don’t need to be ragging on a actually good operator bundle

  3. These skins are gettin seriously silly now, what with this and the eloko nonsense? And infinity ward has aparantly forgot all about the coalition lol. Completely stacked against them bundle/skin wise its almost laughable how many more there are Alegiance side now…

    1. I mean all the seasons other then 5 have favored the coalition in the battle pass and in the additional operators. This season is to buffer all the coalition bundles i think.

    2. Rob Snell, you sure do complain ALOT especially on Nikto’s bundles. Just stop playing the game! You’re miserable and we are tired of hearing your bitching! If you’re not going to stop crying, then keep it to yourself!
      Your negativity is exhausting because your repeat the same opinion: over and over and over and over and over like a broken record. Play something else, so you can complain about something else

        1. I’m completely ok with them adding like two asians in the game. It takes a lot of effort to bring a new operator in the game, especially one with a voice actor, a custom finishing move, and even MORE effort if it’s a real person. I never felt that IW didn’t represent my ethnicity in the game (I know they’re trying their best, especially since IW added a whole bunch of new flag calling cards in the latest update), but hey I’m only a part of the asian player base so maybe Latinos have a different opinion.

  4. This is a surprisingly good bundle. There aren’t any execution moves, which makes the price of this godly bundle pretty cheap.