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  1. If you can’t find the skin, go to the weapons tab, edit loadout, custom loadout, select primary weapon, check for kilo 141, move to the right and click on STORE (this is the blueprint shop), look for No Place Like Home, click it, click buy bundle, buy it.

    Enjoy COOMERS!!!!

  2. What the heck ive been saving to get this bundle now its gone….bs man bring it back i feel like I dont wanna play this anymore….

    1. You have to change the execution you have equipped. Just go to Mara, then to the page with executions and choose a different one.

  3. Looks like a rehashed version of her Season 1 chem division skin with a different color and no ponytail. Kinda lame, think I’ll just wait for the Season 1 Vault packs to get released.