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  1. Thanks for having this amazing site. I always check here first when hunting skins. Update to above post, not Sept 9th, Sept 10th he is available.

  2. He was available for me today (Sept 9th), however he did not show up in Warzone store. I had to find him by accessing the bizon weapon menu in the Modern Warfare store. If you do not own MW, I would not advise buying it simply to look for this skin just in case it does not show for you. I have been looking for this skin since late April 2021, so it was a very long wait.

  3. Why doesn’t this pack come back ??? It was available a few days ago, but I only had money for the game yesterday
    I just wish there was a wishlist system or a complete store!

    1. and there is 🙂 Just go to the loadout for weapons… there you see the Blueprints, and next to that you see the STORE!
      You have to see what weapon is bounded to mad chemist 🙂

  4. the only skin pack with a krueger voice line that doesn’t sound forced and through a can in my opinion