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  1. I just bought the mace operator but when I see it from the operator it doesn’t come loaded with his gun and other items. How do I equip the whole bundle ?

    1. all the bundles should be available no matter what in the store despite what season you are in with a simple search bar i don’t understand How nobody has complained about this before

  2. I‘m having god damn Anime and Nikto Bundles for the 5th or 6th time in this week but no Mace since 20 days. What the hell is wrong with that game… They are just trying to sell all craps before the hype is gone, They know that they can sell Mace Bundle in any circumstances.

  3. we are all in the same boat i’ve been trying to get the mace bundle but when i finally have enough coins season 3 came out and now its gone. so how do get it. Wouldn’t make more sense to leave all the bundle on the store for purchase in order to make more revenue ???

  4. Someone please check on the guy below me and make sure he didn’t hang himself because it’s april 20th and still no mace. . .

  5. I’m waiting despairingly for Mace Bundle since 10 days or something like that. Yesterday my game partner had the Bundle on “Just for you” page, if I won’t have the Bundle on my store today, I’m gonna hang myself…

  6. i have a questions.can i play with mace in warzone or money mode ? i see in my store i have to know before buy.

    1. you should be able to use it in those modes, just make sure you’ve got the operator selected and your favorite faction is set to the one the operator you wanna use is on, otherwise it won’t activate, regardless if you have it set or not.