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    1. When you shoot someone in different parts of the body , it falls off. Arm , leg, head is literally destroyed.

      1. speaking of dismemberment, why can’t both of the axe blueprints (for the combat knife) have dismemberment affects? Seems realistic to me, atleast more realistic that the pistol that can rip an arm off.

        1. You gotta remember that a .50 cal pistol lmao you get hit with one of those in a limb you can expect it to be at least almost gone

          1. Actually incorrect. .50 cal sidearms tend to overpenetrate flesh. if it hits a limb itll cause a fair bit of damage but it wouldnt mutilate unless its armored. Dismemberment is fanciful unless youre talking about a 50BMG fired from a barrett.

    1. Should’ve picked a better weapon to give the dismemberment feature to, not hating on the FR 5.56 but Talon’s AK and Mace’s PKM were badass blueprints compared to this. Aesthetics are still good tho