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  1. I cannot seem to open that page. I Dont know what else to do. Can’t find the blueprint on armory to follow and buy the bundle… Is like they erased it

  2. im pretty sure if u go to armory and find one of these 2 weapons, click on it then you can buy it

  3. gonna buy this bundle if i have enough cash. mainly for my Ghost skin.

    oh and… #GracekForGhost

    also, Cold War Bad.

  4. If anyone is looking for this bundle in warzone go to the weapons section on the main screen go to load out go to the AR’s scroll down to the FAL and beside it should be a store option and you will find it there if it’s on sale in just got this bundle yesterday

  5. Annoying that the day I want to purchase it they change it. Not great marketing I just want to buy the skins a want without having to wait.

  6. Why does everybody hate this bundle/skin, I don’t get it. It’s a really dope skin and if you don’t like it don’t complain about it here, just don’t buy the bundle!

  7. Currently the most common skin in the game I was planning on buying this but it sickens me that everyone at least every two matches is using it Ill just stick to my s2 dark vision and reckoner ghost

    1. i actually tried it and it’s much better than the BOCW DMR. not gonna lie, it may not be meta but it’s actually OP especially with console controllers and the right attachments.

  8. I have to wonder why they made tracers for these two guns now the FAL can be good itcertain situations the iso however is not they mad tracers for overall garbage guns but not for the bizon which doesn’t have to much recoil and has 64 bulliets more than the m4, killo, m13, an94, and amax (the main 5 ars used in warzone) as its normal weapons but u know lets make tracers for guns that no one uses or only uses to plat a ars.

  9. Stop complaining about the blueprints I rock the FAL all the time it’s goated in Warzone 2 shot kill as long as you have right attachments However the ISO is not something I need

    1. Are you the bundle police? U mad bro? Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to say anything. How about just stfu

    2. Yo how many kills do u have like non you only get two shots if some one has no armour plates. In fact no matter the attachments with stoping power and no armour plates two shots in the chest doesn’t kill them

      1. Look at this dude Just because you can’t find right attachments don’t mean the gun ain’t good I use burst two shot which is basically 4 shots Calm down lmao

    1. I honestly feel Jawbone, Dark Vision etc. from season are waaayy better. I was a bit disappointed with this skin. It’s not what I saw in the trailer. Something changed :(. I’ll just use last breath and reckoner for the all black feel for NIGHT Verdansk mode. I am disappointed with this and I’ll pass

  10. two non meta weapons for 2400 and no finishing move nice, only thing in this is the ghost skin which lowkey could’ve been better