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  1. Go to the Activision website where you can enable 2fa. There will be something that says store. You can select certain games with the packs. You could find a link to it on someone’s channel in youtube.

  2. Same here, I was just looking to see if was still there in the Armory because I wanted to get it but its no where to be found did they remove it from the game or something?

  3. Wish there was a takedown with it and the knife was a butterfly knife skin but I love everything else in the pack

    1. yeah this bundle is garbage The Beyond the Pale one as well I hate that they bring back Ghost since I bought him in s2 I have all his s2 skins and UDT and Classic but I saw the leaked Grim Reaper Ghost and it looks fire Im actaully hyped for Grim Reaper ghost texas chainsaw massacre and saw