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  1. First bundle I ever bought. Worth it :-D, only gripe is Gaz never got an SAS uniform skin or the outfit from Clean House. They could make those skins plus throw in the Gaz’s other voice quips call that a bundle I’d pay for that. Also I see the irony that Gaz’s SAS uniform is the default (Coalition)Mil-Sim skin, still needs to be done! Also, I never got the mission emblem slightly bummed it all good. I used Fair Brass untill I got the M13, one of the greatest M4 blueprints I own, the Tanker pistol is good as well.

    1. Pls can you bring the operator bundle back i ddint make it to buy it cause i didnt had money and im sad :((

  2. the hit sticks are the deffault kali sticks for the gold challenges and everything but they are in a 24 dollar pack? wtf they are jsut thinner sticks

    1. Kali sticks are used for training in CQC. These are retractable batons that you see mostly in movies and actions shows. They are not the same thing

  3. Any idea when other new Season 4 operator bundles are available? Nikto: Take no Prisoners and Russian Federal Security Bureai with FSB look cool.