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  1. Hope it never comes again to the store. Won’t feel special anymore if everyone acquire it. Those who don’t have it settle down with other operator skins 👈🏻

  2. The only good skin they’ve released all season and they REFUSE to bring it back in the store. Please for the love of god get rid of the FIFA skins already and add this back

    1. Did some digging and turns out this bundles first left on Nov 29 and didn’t come back till Dec 16. My guess is that if this bundle comes back, it’ll be any day now to match that same time range of 17ish days it was gone. So if it doesn’t come back sooner or later, we can assume it’ll be left in 2022.

  3. My theory is the store cycles through bundles, it’s still in the shop you just have to buy other bundles and old ones will appear. Can someone confirm this?